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      Giga-server.com is a Malaysian Counter-strike Community, operating from the year 2007 - Present, Our server support Steam & Non-steam, but bear in mind, all of our Admin is a Steam player, And if you like the games, consider to buy the original games, All credit goes to VALVE team.

    Game Server Rules.

    Non-steam player :-
      1. To join our server you need to use the V42 with latest revemu patch.
      2. Please Stay clean from cheat/hack tool, Once banned for cheating, you'll be permanently banned.
      3. No racism, No advertising.
      4. Respect each other & most important respect ADMIN
      5. If you like the game, Consider migrate to Steam (Original games), To improve your game skill you'll need. (Original games). =)

    Steam player :-
      1. Dont cheat.
      2. Our server is VAC secure server.
      3. Caught cheating, Permanent banned.
      4. Enjoy your stay as a clean & friendly player. =)

    Forum Rules.

      1. Respect for each other.
      2. No double posting.
      3. No Spamming
      4. Please read the Forum topic before post, the wrong post will be deleted/moved.
      5. Mind your language.
      6. No porn, you'll be banned.
      7. Please Thumbnail your large image before submitting your post.
      8. Signature: a single image of no more than 468px high, 468px wide and 6KiB (6144 Bytes) in size.
      9. Avatar: User defined avatars are to be no larger than 120 pixels square & may not exceed 12KiB size.

    Frequently Asked Question.

      Q. Where to download Counter Strike 1.6 game installer?
      A. Check at the download tab at Front Web page or at download forum section. (You need to be a registered user to be able to see the download forum section).

      Q. What is giga server ip ?
      1#|www.giga-server.com|24/7 PUBLIC.Server -
      Code: Select all

      1#|www.giga-server.com|24/7 DUST2.Only -
      Code: Select all

      Q. How to be Admin?
      A. PM me to apply

      Q. Where to buy Steam?
      A. Check at steampowered Web, or you can PM me.

      Q. How can I have a reservation slot?
      A. Buy VIP privileges =)

      Q. How to connect to the Giga server?
      A. You can set the IP given above to your favorite.

      Q. How to play a demo?
      A. Demo name : cheater.dem
      Code: Select all
      playdemo cheater.dem

      Q. How to record a demo?
      A. Ingame, type in console
      Code: Select all
      record <demo name : example: waller.dem>

      Example :
      Got cheater with imbaeyn name.
      Code: Select all
      record imbaeyn.dem

      Then hit enter.
      After you've done the recording.
      execute a stop command.
      Code: Select all

      the DEMO will be located at cstrike folder, the file name "imbaeyn.dem".

    What to do next after done record the demo?.
    1. I assumed that you know how to record a demo if you're not? then read the post above again.
    2. Go to any free file hosting, such as:-
      - Mediafire
      - 4shared
      - MegaUpload
      - rapidshare
      *Google it, sure you'll find the website.
    3. Recommended Mediafire or 4shared, upload and copy the link then paste it to your post.

    ZIP the file with WinRar or 7zip before upload, so the file size will decrease and lite.

    Q. I lag a lot! why am I lag?
    A. First, check if your internet connection is not being used by other local networks that streaming or downloading, Broadband internet connection may be a slightly higher ping or spike, Then you can try this setting to optimize your connection to our server.
    Code: Select all
    rate 25000
    cl_updaterate 101
    cl_cmdrate 101

    Q. How to register my ranking?
    A. Go to the Ranking list.
    Clink on the red mark like on the picture attached.

    Then Click Register.

    Q. How to Check Steamid?
    A. Go to in-game Console (button ~), Type in "status" without a column, find your name and copy the entire row.

    Our FAQs will be updated time to time, Any idea or new question needed, please Do PM me.
    Read Giga FAQ @ Frequently asked question.

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