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Tue Aug 17, 2010 5:25 pm

  • ! It's a great NEWS for GIGARIANS .

    We really appreciate for your kind donation by buying our VIP package.
    This donation is the main cause to keep this server & community alive.

    What you get when you're VIP?


    You'll get Free nades every round. (HE, 2 Flash, Smoke)

    You'll get Free Armor and Helmet every round.

    You'll Get $500 for the per kill and $1000 per HS.

    You'll get a 15HP top up for per kill and 30HP top up for per HS.

    You'll see bullet damage at a real time.

    Write /VIPs you can see who's VIPs online.

    Admin chat access.

    Slot reservation.

    After 3 round you'll get a free gun from the menu.


    Per Slot : USD 1 for 1 month (PAYPAL)


    Per Slot : USD 3 for 3 month (MYR 10 for malaysian)


    Per Slot : USD 8 for 3 month (MYR 30 for malaysian)

    Extra benefit: amx_kick, amx_ban, amx_unban, amx_slay, amx_slap commands.

    Vote command list for VIP2
    amx_kick <name or #userid> [reason] - ADMIN_KICK Kicks a player.
    amx_ban <nick, #userid, authid> <time in minutes> <reason> - ADMIN_BAN Bans a player.
    amx_unban <authid> - ADMIN_BAN Unbans a player.
    amx_slay <name or #userid> - ADMIN_SLAY Slays a player
    amx_slap <name or #userid> [damage] - ADMIN_SLAY Slaps a player for variable damage.
    Every command need to use a quote "".
    example : amx_ban "steamid21315453222" "0" "wallhack (here is reason)"
    "0" mean permanent or can be change with any number equal to minute.
    "0" = Permanent ban
    "1440" = 1 day
    "10080" = 7 days
    "43200" = 30 days

    PLEASE do not ban any steam player or VIP, if there is a suspect steam player or VIP cheating please pm any admin/staff to check on it.
    if you're caught abuse the power to those steam player or VIP, we will take out your access.
    Any donation are not refundable.

    Admin chat
    Press "y" and start with "@" infront it.
    Example : @ im admin.
    *Makesure a space after "@".

    #How to buy? how to transfer money?

    #You can transfer to our bank account via online banking or deposit machine.
    #Here is our bank account number.

    CIMB bank : 8007188797
    Name : GIGA TECH

    Paypal (For international) : CLICK - USD 1
    Paypal (For international) : CLICK - USD 3
    Paypal (For international) : CLICK - USD 8

    After you've done a bank in, email me at [email protected] with receipt screenshot and your steam id.
    Telegram contact : ac_giga

    Thank you for your interest in our product
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