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    Today, eating out isn't just about strengthening our relationship with the โปรฝากครั้งแรก people we're with at the table. But one thing that is like a free gift for us restaurant users is the new experience and the impression that you see. "Little Robot" walks around serving food all day. and laugh at the funny behavior that occurs from working according to the program Because robots have no life, no heart, no feelings. But doing some duties as if another employee in the store.

    Many people may not have come across a robot in a restaurant that they frequent, but they have probably seen the cuteness of the robot serving food via social media. where people take funny clips when they see their younger siblings working It turned out to be funny and impressive. At the same time, it attracts people who have never met younger siblings to try walking into a restaurant where they work. In case you find a robot acting strange, you will be able to shoot a clip to show off to people on social media until it becomes viral at a later time.

    However, many people have deeper thoughts than that. Seeing a robot perform multiple tasks is like being an employee. raises an interesting question: Why do restaurants have to use robots instead of people? So what will happen to these human employees? It is likely that in the future Restaurants may no longer need to hire staff to serve food to customers. The existing employees If there are too many, the store may reduce the number of employees to reduce costs. Because the food service duties are already replaced by robots. Originally, the use of robots seemed to be colorful in restaurants. It has become a serious use of serving robots.
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