US announces another 22 billion baht in military aid to Ukra

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    US announces another 22 billion baht in military aid to Ukraine
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    On Sept. 16, AFP reported that the US White House had approved anx0สล็อตadditional $600 million in new military aid to Ukraine, including equipment, maintenance and training. To support a two-week counter-attack by the Ukrainian army to repel the Russian forces that invaded and occupied the territory.

    Subsequently, the US Department of Defense stated that The aid kit will include 37,000 projectiles, of which 1,000 are accurate navigation. and four anti-aircraft radars, among other weapons and equipment. Additional ammunition will be provided for the Haimars rocket system. It did not specify whether it would include the long-range ATACMS missile that Ukraine had requested for months.

    The latest US aid has provided Ukraine more than $15 billion in aid since Russia launched its invasion of Ukraine on Feb. 24.
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