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    Bar and restaurant owners in Spain rushed to stock up on ice after some stores restricted sales to customers due to ice shortages.

    On August 4, 2022, the Mirror reported that Spanish pubs mayแจกทุนให้เล่นก่อนhave to close due to ice shortages. A pub manager in Palmas revealed that Stores may have to be closed if the ice shortage continues.

    Jose Peres, who runs Grupo Palma Ocio, has two restaurants, Templo Palma and Backstage, on the Spanish island of Mallorca. In an interview with Ultima Hora newspaper, “Over the past 10 days we have been working hard to get ice. If we don't have ice We can't sell drinks. and if so We can't open a shop.”

    The cause of Spain's ice shortage is high electricity costs in April and May. which resulted in less ice storage. Coupled with the high weather conditions, there is an increase in demand.

    Fernando Plazas, director of Procubitos Europe, Spain's largest ice producer, said: “We are producing ice. but less than market demand and for businesses without ice machines This may cause some pubs to consider shutting down.”

    Procubitos Europe
    Manuel Espina, President of the Welcome League Valencia region said, “As far as talking to members of the League No one has faced any serious problems yet. But that might change in August. which is a month where tourists are bustling.”

    Meanwhile, the weather chief said Spain is in a heat wave until this summer. Last month was the second hottest month since 1950.

    On the morning of August 4, a new law limits the temperature of public places to 27 degrees Celsius, with shops, bars and restaurants. supermarket and airports in the UK's favorite traveler destinations. Do not set the air conditioner below 27 degrees in summer.
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