"Tired but can't sleep" Danger signs that should not be igno

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    if you feel tired But when it's time to sleep, I can't sleep This could be a sign that your body may be having a major problem that needs to be addressed.

    The younger generation has more sleep problems. And it seems to be found in younger people as well. The main cause may be from side effects of chronic diseases such as allergies, asthma, high blood pressure. but that is common will be a psychological problem with stress concerns in various fields

    Insomnia is categorized into 3 major groups that can be found as follows:

    difficult to sleep
    when it's time to sleep Lay down on the bed to the pillow. Ready to close your eyes but can't sleep and spent almost an hour sleeping until falling asleep

    do not sleep well
    Even though I'm asleep but often wakes up in the middle of the night And in some people, the moment they wake up will be bright. unable to go back to sleep for a long time

    wake up
    Even though he was asleep, he didn't sleep well. I feel like I'm just falling asleep, but I wake up all the time.

    when unable to sleep fully Makes the body feel tired, headache, lack of concentration during the day. and may affect study, work and daily life

    tired but can't sleep caused by any reason
    In general, people who consume a lot of energy during the day until feeling tired It's easy to fall asleep at night because your body needs rest. But for those who are tired from studying and working, the brain is tired. because the brain is working hard Most often from stress. Anxiety, pressure, or depression and discouragement, discouragement, hopelessness in life. consider yourself worthless Being overly attached to yourself, academic performance or work that doesn't meet your expectations, your brain thinks over and over, but these things make you unable to sleep.

    tired but can't sleep Is it a mental illness?
    10 danger signs risk of panic disorder
    10 danger signs risk of panic disorder
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    There are many reasons why we have insomnia. And it doesn't always have to be a mental illness. There are many factors that make us sleepless. both from external factors such as conditions that are too hot or too cold too bright room Food or drink eaten before bedtime (caffeinated?) Hungry or too full? to the nature of life in that period that may work in shifts causing them to wake up during the night who used to work late nights often, etc.

    Want to know if your symptoms are related to your mental health? should see a psychiatrist for a thorough diagnosis

    How long have you been unable to sleep and should see a doctor?
    If you have insomnia for more than 3 days per week You should see a doctor before your body gets worse. and are affected by insomnia such as mood swings, fluctuations, short attention span, decreased memory capacity. This includes affecting efficiency at school, at work, and may include unconsciously reducing social interactions.
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