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Sun Sep 07, 2014 1:05 am

  • In Game name : Kindaichi
    Steam id : STEAM_0:1:16029019
    Game Server : Game Server : 1#Malaysia|Giga-Public.Server|Community
    Reason being banned : Wall Hack
    Reason for unbanned : Because i am not using any hack
    Some text : I' just got back from vacation after taking 8 month break and i play this server only. And now i have been banned for being accused of wall hack. That even a worst welcome ever i get. And when i kill someone in-game i received ban and the reason is i am using wall hack that really doesn't make sense at all because i play clean and positive. I hope you admin/staff can unbanned me Please.
    Demo link : http://www.mediafire.com/download/uxu3m ... Public.dem

    Please unbanned me, Thanks.
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Tue Sep 23, 2014 4:35 am

  • I will try to manage with the staff to unban you.

    Thank you for your cooperation,
    Giga server admin
    Giga server admin
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