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Mon Mar 17, 2014 2:26 am

  • Hi all. Im Neo VI. ive been away because i stop on cs totally. But hay, sometimes im there.

    reason im typing in here is, to ask you all favours. Actually a lot, but for now, just to share what i have in mind.
    Ive been ask about the giga condition by one of my old friends. So i reinstall cs and come in to check in. Apologies, my skill is not
    fully recovered, so yea you guys may bully me without worries :( "

    When i came there, there was this fella , im not sure why, by the nick of " O " . O if u reading this, please understand, we start on the wrong foot.
    Sorry for banning you, i think you just the rebellious type. ive unban you already and i hope you change your attitude towards us. But if u still think thats an issue, your free to NOT coming the server
    ever again. I really care less about your aftermath anyway.

    Thank you for making the server, acey. Most of us DIDNT donate. yet until now, u keep personally finance the server for what you really believe in, for how long. 7-8 years ?. I salute you.
    To all those newbie ,midbie or oldbies, please.. In the server that is not yours and never you paid for it, is owned by acey, which has lesser time to look on your problem while there also elite admins which sacrifice their time to look on your petty issue within the server like me and many others.

    Please respect us. Do not intimidate us, or challenge us just to show how good you are. Im sure u are good enough but please, picking fight with admin is just not worth it.Imagine you coming to our free open house to play, then to start demanding respect and such to the elected guardian of the place . for what . Courtesy is all we ever want. We are not demanding it, rather , expect it to be given after our free time are given to you guys . If u want to badmouth or curse us, we only human. of course u wont get banned. But u make us admin sad by feeling unappreciated. That is why having an active admin is so hard.

    And this fella, O . Im sorry for your youth rebellious emotion that blinded you of what ive said earlier in the server. You only said ' admin can have the right to ask ppl to silent ? ' after i said to one of the mate, ' Diam ' . To you, yes im rude, but if u look further or wait longer, theres a second line supporting the 1st word. The whole word is " Diam , makan coconut ". Which lots of bomoh nick name nowadays jumping to the server to play. Its a joke, but to you, u just looking for an issue . After few kicks, you still coming in and i didnt kick u anymore expecting you had learnt your lesson well. which you didnt. As i told you, u got it wrong. But since u also challange my authority, THAT you got it RIGHT my friend. 7 days ban which i already unban.

    So thats the favour guys. We admin didnt get paid to help you. Why dont you guys help us by appreciating the server, the admin and the time given for free. If u dont like the admin, just play. we wont
    ban you because we dont like you. we ban because u start to get all the right reason be banned. I have monitor the server and conclude to appointing few new admin to take good care of you and the server. Please respect that personnel for his dedication and sacrifice to the server at least ? . I am sorry for inconvenience cause to all you player before this, and hope to support us with fair clean and peacefull entry to the server.

    Neo VI

    Thank you, appreciated
    Neo VI
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    Giga server admin
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Thu Mar 20, 2014 7:49 pm

Mon Mar 24, 2014 10:45 pm

  • Yo neo! Agreed with you , sometime when they heard or see admin was there(server) , they are starting to make their "jog" to make admin look stupid by their jog . I dont need much time to spent for writing what i felt inside , but here, NeoVI has writed all what i keep for long time. Peace :D
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Sun Jun 08, 2014 1:23 pm

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